One of the best aspects about wine is the variety. You can choose from many white, red and rose varieties. Red wine is produced using the grape's skin, the extraction of colour is what makes the wine red; not the grape itself. How dark or light the red colour is can help you identify how old it is: the browner these are typically older, and with lighter reds they are younger.

White is produced differently to red; it uses fermentation of the grape pulp and can come out as a yellow-green, yellow-gold colour. The most recognisable varieties are Riesling, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon. What is also possible is blending wines together, namely Sherry and Tokay. To produce sweet versions of white wine, the fermentation process must be interrupted before all the sugars are converted to alcohol.

The other common type of wine, rose, is made using the red colour from the grape skin (much like red), but only a small amount so it doesn't get as deep a shade. It is one of the most straightforward wines to produce, which contributes why it is the oldest known type. Depending on the wine making methods used, you can even make rose wine an orange or near purple colour.

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