If you are seeking to build a collection of notable, vintage wines, or wish to mature the ones you already have, then you must know how to store them properly. This isn't a cheap hobby, which is why you should invest in some high standard storage; any serious wine collector will understand this.

One of the main factors in keeping your wine in good condition is balanced temperature. Any temperatures above 21 degrees can make it age quicker, so the ideal temperature is between 7 and 18 degrees. Varying the temperature won't harm it, but just make sure you open it in a few years.

Along with this, storing wine in the fridge is fine for a couple of months, but with long term storage periods in mind is something not advised. Additionally, the lack of moisture could soon dry out the cork; rendering it useless for keeping air out.

Other factors to consider for the storage of wine are humidity, storing sideways and lightness. The ideal humidity is 70% for storing wine, storing sideways is good for keeping the cork in good condition, and all wines should be stored in the dark so no UV rays can harm.

If you choose mail order wine you would be wise to make sure you have the appropriate storage. That way you can keep the wines safe until you want to consume them.

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